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Do you happen to have a three-bedroom, two-bath house in excellent condition that you want to sell in Grays Harbor? If it’s priced right, local real estate agents say it’s likely you’ll have multiple offers, maybe even a bidding war.

Grays Harbor houses are in demand with many more buyers looking than sellers ready to put their houses on the market.

“It’s a great time to sell, but not a great time to buy, just because there isn’t much to buy,” said broker Jill Warne of Century 21 Real Estate, whose office is in Elma. “The market is actually kind of stuck because sellers don’t want to be homeless,” she said.

Jason Atwood, the owner/broker of Oly Pen Real Estate in Montesano, agrees. “We are seeing lots of creativity of homeowners who are selling then moving in with their parents for a while or making other arrangements as they look for a house to buy or wait to move in.”

“The demand in Central Park and Montesano is crazy,” Atwood said. “A house in Montesano can be sold in three or four days...

December 23, 2019

Can it be that Christmas is already upon us again? To help you through both Christmas and New Year’s safely, we have a few more safety reminders to keep you, your loved ones and your home safe this holiday season.



As we’ve mentioned before, candles are high on the list of holiday house fire starters. Many firefighters recommend that you don’t use lit candles in your decorating at all. However, if you do use them, minimize their use and enjoy them with common sense.

For instance, make sure all candles are in stable holders. Ensure they are away from flammable materials such as curtains, decorations, your table’s centerpiece boughs and things like that.  It isn’t just adults that are intrigued with the candles; pets and little children are attracted to them like moths to a glowing light. Kids want to get close and then their little fingers play in the wax and then, the dog wants to play too spills the hot wax which catches fire! The...

September 9, 2019

Have you ever wondered how to really get your sliding window tracks clean?  Even with their dirt and dead flies, they are often one of the most overlooked areas inside our homes. Well, this is a great time of year to clean them – and we’ll tell you exactly what to do, later in the column.

But before we get to that, let’s review our last blog’s End of Summer To Do list. (It’s a little like school, even if you missed last week’s blog you’re not off the hook for the assignment.)


Last week we mentioned once again how a good paint job is important for your house’s siding and keeping the water, mold and mildew out! Also, we reiterated that even if you don’t paint your house this year, a scrub with 30 Second cleaner and a good rinse will get the grime off and actually help your current paint job last.

We also stressed ladder safety in the same breath as what to do if you don’t have gutter guards to keep out debris or your gutters themselves need to be secured tightly to your h...

Ahh, spring! The time of year you feel the warmer weather, see the blossoming flowers and hear – and try to heed – the loud call of spring chores! Use that spring in your step this spring to tackle the tidying up that most of us need in and around our homes, garages and yards this time of year.

For many Grays Harborites, a chance for a free day to dump junk at the LeMay Transfer Station makes addressing the excess-stuff issue a no brainer!

We’re happy to pass along that once again many of the area’s municipalities are sponsoring free Spring Cleanup days at the LeMay Transfer Station or are bringing the containers to you.    Each has a little different arrangement, so make sure to read about your area and call your City Hall if you have additional questions.

Sorry to the folks living outside city limits; it’s been a few years now since Grays Harbor County has sponsored a cleanup for those living in the county. Budgets are tight! However, while there is no paid-for cleanup day for...

We – like many of you who love our community – are still reeling from last weekend’s devastating fire that destroyed the Armory Building in Aberdeen.

In addition, to the top-notch Aberdeen Museum and the Grays Harbor Genealogical Society Research Library, the classic old building housed the Coastal Community Action Program – the largest social service agency in the county – as well as the Aberdeen Senior Center – where seniors gather and where the Meals on Wheels program produced its meals.

The loss is tremendous. However, with the typical Grays Harbor “helping your neighbor,” attitude emerging immediately, it is a toss-up between how much pain and loss we are experiencing as a community and how much heart-warming encouragement and hope we find as we see the compassion, generosity and hard work demonstrated by firefighters, other professionals, leaders and volunteers.

It’s amazing that Coastal Community Action Program (CCAP) is already up and running after being offered the nearby former...

This glorious, long-awaited summer-like weather is a great energizer when it comes to getting into the garden and starting home-improvement projects.


What are you thinking about tackling this spring and summer, something big like a new deck or patio or even a remodel or new garage or shed? Or smaller projects like installing a mailbox, fixing a fence or even just digging a hole to plant a tree or transplant a shrub?


Hold up just a minute! Before you get your shovel out, you may need to call 811, the CALL BEFORE YOU DIG service.


Even though you are the king or queen of your “castle,” you might be surprised at what buried “treasures,” are just underneath the ground.


Water, sewer, gas, oil, cable, TV, telephone, and electricity are among the utilities that may be underground on your property. None of which you want to disturb! Running into one of those utilities could turn your little DIY project into a major headache!




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