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We may not be singing in the rain, but we are optimistic about this last week of downpours.

Yep, as the rain came down beginning Sunday, Jan. 15 our hopes came up as we noticed that flooding in Aberdeen was almost non-existent. And that’s with nearly 5 inches in just a few days!


After weeks of freezing weather, the icy ground could have made it especially difficult to swallow all that water. However, due to luck and diligence, we were spared a flooding incidence.


It’s easy to complain when things go wrong, but often even more fruitful to compliment when things go right.


So, we talked with Aberdeen’s Public Works Director Rick Sangder about our observation that this latest downfall didn’t seem to cause nearly the flooding issues that one might have expected.


We noticed that the Finch playfield, which serves as a retention pond, wasn’t all that full and that there were only one or two notable puddles in the streets.


“Overall, we went through it r...

The slippery snow and ice and frequent windy storms of winter put us at greater risk of power outages.


In last week’s column we talked a little bit how to think ahead to cope with a power outage. Today we’re going to emphasis the safety aspects, starting with how to behave near a downed wire.




As you know, the power can go out for a variety of reasons – weather issues including wind, ice and snow, trees falling on lines, a car hitting a pole, birds or small animals destroying equipment and even normal equipment failures from rusted or worn out parts.


Because of its sophisticated equipment, usually the PUD knows immediately that power is out and exactly where it is out. However, if you would like to call the outage hotline, the number is (360) 537-3721 or toll free at 1-888-541-5923.


Also, as we mentioned last week, the PUD has a couple relatively new systems able to notify you of power outages on your computer or cell phone. Fo...

January 14, 2017

So here it is in January and we’ve had plenty of cold temps and a little dusting of snow.


One thing we haven’t talked about for a while is what to do if the power goes out.

In the summer, if a car crash or old equipment takes power from an area for a time, it’s one thing.

But, during these freezing days, not having power for a time takes on a whole different significance.


So with no imminent storm but many weeks of potential cold ahead, we thought we’d discuss today what to do in case the power goes out at your house. Or rather, we will discuss what to do before the power goes out. That’s because it turns out, like so many other things, preparation is your best defense for disaster.


The storm of 2007 startled most of us away from the notion of a power outage being only a few hours of cozy inconvenience and made us realize how truly disrupting and potentially dangerous storms, power outages and people’s reactions to them can be.




There’s nothing like a cold snap to grab folks’ attention on making homes more weather resistant.

So, we thought we’d give you some tips for keeping you comfortable in your home this winter and keeping the heating bills as low as possible.


But first, let’s talk a bit about you, your house and snow and ice.


Let’s start with the ice. As most of us know from experience, it just takes a little ice on a sidewalk, porch or stairs to cause a tumble – sometimes a significant one.


Older people in particular should be aware of avoid walking on slippery ice. It doesn’t take much of a fall to break a bone or become badly bruised. For anyone that’s a pain and a hassle, but for someone living alone or elderly, it can have more dire consequences.


So our first bit of advice in this cold spot is to stay aware. We don’t need to tell you that ice is most often clear and can be hard to see, particularly at night. So, with these recent low temperatures, assume surface...

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