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February 25, 2017

Spring is on its way, bringing  warmer weather, rain, flowers and lots of song birds to our area.

As much as we enjoy the variety of birds that arrive in the spring, their arrival means that they will be on the lookout to find a cozy place to build their nests. So, as a homeowner, you need to stay alert so that birds making their tidy homes don’t disrupt your tidy home.


Some of the same people who would be horrified to learn of a family of rats living in their basement, don’t think twice about birds nesting in their eaves. But they should!


Some birds, such as starlings, English sparrows and pigeons are exceptional opportunists and should be discouraged from living anywhere in your house or garage.


At best, they might only roost on all the roofs in sight of somebody’s regular handout, all the while depositing prolific amounts of acidic droppings on each roof nearby the food. This poopy environment creates ideal conditions for supporting a healthy crop of roof moss. And...

 February is the time when realizing New Year’s resolutions and tackling Spring Cleaning collide.


So whether you are a little late starting your New Year’s resolution to “Get Organized,” or if you are just early jumping in to Spring Cleaning, we’ve got some tips for you!


Everyone knows that having your belongings in order and properly stored can often save time and money. However, from our perspective as home maintenance and repair experts there are some things to keep in mind for the safety of your house!





Most attic spaces were not constructed to hold up the weight of box after box of old textbooks, National Geographics or other heavy items.


Most folks don’t realize that they could be creating a severe structural scenario of “the straw that broke the camel’s back” variety as they shove just one more box full of last year’s periodicals under the protection of the attic’s roof. Then boom, the ceiling caves in a...

With January behind us and spring drawing closer, it’s time to examine how you’re doing on some of your New Year’s resolutions.


If you are like most people, health budget and organization goals top the list of what you plan to tackle in 2017.


As far as the “getting your house in order” part, we thought we’d give you some encouragement and a few tips.



Not only does an organized, clutter-free home invite relaxation and calm, it also promotes safety.


Over the years of writing this column we’ve talked to firefighters who’ve mentioned that good housekeeping can save lives!


When firefighters come to your house, typically you haven’t had a chance to tidy up! So, that means firefighters see the insides of homes in all conditions. And, frankly, stacks of this and that around can lead to residential fires.


It also can make escaping them as well as fighting them, much more difficult and dangerous. Extra clutter can also contribu...

Do you remember what Aberdeen and Hoquiam were going through a little more than two years ago? We’re talking about the severe flooding and landslides of January 2015.


Yes, it’s been two years since hundreds of homes and businesses and thousands of people were affected by flooding and landslides. (And we’re all still feeling the consequences to our community!)


The reason we ask is that after decades of dealing with the flooding issue we are encouraged that much progress has taken place in the past two years and we can now begin to glimpse that real relief will soon be on its way.


Last week we talked a bit about the more recent rains and the lack of flooding through some luck and some hard work by city crews to keep the storm drain system cleaned out. Hurray!


Today we want to update you a little more on the North Shore Levee project. The project is a proposed system of earthen dikes, floodwalls, raised roadways and new or improved pump stations. Its target area...

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