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Summer is a typical time to buy a new house. Often parents wait to move until the end of the school year, plus houses just sparkle better in the sunshine.

Currently the low interest rate – under 4 percent – makes a home purchase that much more affordable and thus more attractive.

And here on the Harbor, our significantly lower prices for both houses and land, coupled with our relaxed, outdoorsy way of life, is beginning to draw people to the area again.

More available jobs are also drawing – or keeping – residents here! In fact, the latest labor statistics from the Employment Security Department show 25,475 employed people in Grays Harbor in April. That’s up from about 24,658 in April 2016, and will likely continue up with some new employers in the area and more coming.

“Any economist will tell you that as the job market improves, so does the housing market,” said Tom Quigg, owner of Windermere Real Estate, Ocean Shores.
 You all probably know about the Mattress Ranch...

It’s human nature to think the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

That can be true with looking for a new house. It’s a great time to buy a house on the Harbor right now with our relatively reasonable prices and low interest rates.  

However, maybe with just a little investment and creativity the house you’re in could become your dream house.

Here at NeighborWorks of Grays Harbor, we offer affordable loans to qualified homeowners. Our loan includes construction management and contractor oversight.

There are plenty of wonderful older homes throughout the state whose effective age, like our own, is determined by the quality of timely maintenance afforded.

Not only does a repaired or updated home make life more pleasant over time, it can increase the desirability of this area by adding to an improved housing inventory in general.  


At NeighborWorks we’re all about encouraging sustainable home ownership through education and housing counseling, as well a...

 When it comes to selling real estate, things are starting to heat up in Grays Harbor County. That’s great news for all of us because it is one indication that economic health is returning to our area.

“The housing market is very vibrant and robust now by our standards,” said Tom Quigg, owner of Windermere Real Estate, Ocean Shores.

“It’s not equivalent to what you see in King County, of course.   Traditionally our area is not considered a seller’s market, but now we are seeing a consistent seller’s market in the Aberdeen /Hoquiam area and the Montesano/Elma area,” Quigg said.

For the entire county, the median and average sales prices for this past May are $163,000 and $174,000. (The average price is determined by adding up the total of all sold and dividing by the number sold. The median price is found by lining up all the prices and finding the middle one.) 

The Runstad Center for Real Estate Studies reports that at the end of the 1st quarter of 2017 the value of median pr...

The Randall Street Garden that was established last year has turned out to be like a perennial plant, sprouting back to life again this year.

And, with our late spring weather, it’s not too late to rent a space at this garden at 1015 Randall St. in East Aberdeen.

“We still have a fair amount of open ground that is waiting for gardeners,” said Liz Ellis, the garden’s mastermind who has an agricultural degree from WSU.

There is a $15 membership fee to join and bed rental is suggested at $2 a square foot, making a 4-foot by 14-foot plot cost $112 for the season.

Included in that price is already prepared and amended soil, access to tools, seeds, water and help. 

Also, Liz said, some grant funds are available for people who are unable to pay the rent.

We’re talking about this great program, because here at NeighborWorks we’re not just about improving houses in Grays Harbor, we are also about improving neighborhoods and communities in collaboration with residents.

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