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It’s getting cold out there — even during some of these bright, sunny days. That means most all of us have started up our heating system for the year, because keeping ourselves and our homes warm is a priority again.

However, typically once the first heating bill of the year arrives, many folks start grabbing for a sweater along with their checkbook.

So, we thought this might be a good time to talk about the benefits of a ductless heat pump.


Is your current heating system inefficient or expensive, or both? A ductless heat pump may be your answer.

In this climate, a regular outside heat pump and inside air handler furnace is often an efficient way to heat a house. The technology of a heat pump basically recovers any heat from outside air and transfers it via a closed-loop refrigerant gas to the inside air handler — the furnace inside your house. The air handler blows circulating air through a radiator coil that was heated by the gas, and that is what is delivered t...

When many folks think of surviving a natural disaster, they envision themselves at home with all the family present when the big one hits.

The reality is the kind of disasters that are most likely to hit around here—earthquakes and tsunamis – can come at any time with little or no warning.

You may all be asleep in your beds, or you may all be gone from the house. Or, maybe the homemaker is home alone. That’s why everyone of a reasonable age should know some basic things about what to do in your house for safety’s sake.

But first, some tips for preparation. These are some things you can do now to increase you and your home’s chance of survival in an earthquake.


  • Bolt heavy furniture such as bookcases, tall file cabinets and dressers to the wall.

  • Secure or place heavy objects on lower shelves.

  • Fasten water heater and gas appliances to wall studs with strap kits.

  • Make sure your home is secured to its foundation.

  • If your foundation is post-and...

The devastating earthquake in Mexico City recently caught the country by surprise – as earthquakes almost always do.

It’s inspirational to witness the dedicated neighbors and volunteers who looked for survivors, comforted people and are already beginning to rebuild. And, it’s all a reminder that we here on the West Coast are also very earthquake prone.

Most kinds of natural disasters tend to have some seasonality or at least some warning signs to them. Typically earthquakes do not. As we all know they can come any hour of the day, any day of the year. And while a large earthquake is probably the biggest potential natural disaster that is likely to hit us, the lack of seasonality can lull us into complacency.

So, while we’ve been talking about disasters in general these last few weeks, we thought it was time to zero in today or earthquake preparedness.

Our last fairly significant earthquakes here were in 1999 and 2001. Seismologists tell us that it’s likely another one will be coming soon.


It seems like lately just as one natural disaster is over, the next wave – windstorm or earthquake – hits. From wildfires to hurricanes to earthquakes to flooding, natural disasters are filling the news and wreaking havoc on property, communities and lives.

Not only do we offer our help and prayers for those currently in need, we want to take this time to prepare ourselves for possible local disasters.


In the last two weeks of columns we’ve reiterated how a good paint job and well-caulked windows and doors can help prevent damage to your home. It may not seem very exciting, but a solid paint job and caulking serve like a good overcoat and rubber boots for your home when it comes to wind, rain and storms. 

We may not have any major storms or other disasters this winter, but it’s a sure bet that we’ll have some rain. If you haven’t taken a look at this first-line of defense at your house, it’s not too late to do so.

Remember, thanks to the generous...

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