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Nailing It Down

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After many years when things didn’t look so bright, the last couple of years the housing market in Grays Harbor County has rebounded beautifully with signs it will continue to grow.

In fact, in the first quarter of this year, Grays Harbor ranked first out of 15 Western Washington counties for the average sale prices increase – with prices up a remarkable 27.5 percent over the first quarter of 2017. It was also listed second of the 15 counties in the percentage increase in the number of homes sold compared to the year before – up 7.7 percent.

“This was big news for us,” said Tom Quigg, founder of the Aberdeen and Ocean Shores Windermere Real Estate offices in 1991 and 1992, respectively.

“In all the years I’ve been in real estate, we’ve never ranked so high in any category,” he said.

Those statistics come from what is known as The Gardner Report, written by the chief economist for Windermere Real Estate.

In addition, Quigg compiles a monthly report of the housing market

in Grays Harbor County...

Last weekend’s weather was amazing. We can hardly remember a Mother’s Day weekend so warm and beautiful.

Many of us spent the day outside on a deck or patio and that got us thinking about other upcoming celebrations and entertaining out of doors.

Are you planning a Memorial Day gathering, graduation party, Father’s Day barbecue, family reunion or just a get-together with your friends this summer?

Whatever the occasion, when the weather even hints at being nice, we Harborites like to get outdoors, and that means the time of year for highest use of our decks.

We often take our decks for granted. Perhaps yours has been your outdoor living room for years. A sturdy platform needing little maintenance, right? But is it safe? How can you be sure? Do you ever look underneath? Do you know what you’re looking for?

Unfortunately, the question of whether your deck is still safe – or how many people it can safely hold – is too rarely asked.


In determining how safe your deck really is you should de...

We like to think – and encourage – safety first when it comes to any home repair.


Last week we talked a lot about safely using ladders and also reminded you all to call 811 two business days before digging more than a foot deep on your property to make sure you aren’t going to run into any underground utilities. This service is done usually at no cost to you.


Today we’re taking a closer look at the trees near and around your house.


NeighborWorks of Grays Harbor is a non-profit organization that deals with all kinds of housing issues, so it only takes one winter here to realize that falling trees can impact the safety and well-being of our houses and the residents living in them!


Even if a tree never comes crashing through your house, it’s likely that you have been affected by a power outage at some time due to a broken limb or felled tree somewhere along the powerline that serves you.


One way we can reduce a future of danger and potential outages is...

There’s nothing like gorgeous weather to energize and invigorate us to head to the garden and take on those pesky outside chores.


Last week we talked about the importance of calling 811 before you dig. Are you planning a major planting or removal of a big bush or tree, a home improvement project like a new fence or even some key home repairs like a new water or sewer line?


When you call 811 two business days before you dig, all the key underground utilities are located for you so that you can avoid harm to them – not to mention you and your house. This service is done at no cost to you unless you didn’t call and cut something important!


But this week we’re asking you to look up and become aware of what’s ahead of you if your chores are overhead.


Whatever chore that takes you up on an extension ladder opens you to one of the most common causes of severe fall trauma. People tend to lean out too far to one side or another whi...

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