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If home purchases are any indication – and we think they are – people are continuing to discover what a great place Grays Harbor is to live.    The residential real estate stats for the month of May – the latest stats available – show that in nine of the last 15 months Grays Harbor is a seller’s market.

“This seems to be caused by a continued influx of buyers from out of the county; attracted by our temperate climate as well as our home prices and lifestyle values,” said Tom Quigg.

Quigg, who founded the Aberdeen and Ocean Shores Windermere Real Estate offices in 1991 and 1992, respectively, examines the county’s real estate market each month, based on data provided by the Northwest Multiple Listing Service (NWMLS).

“For the first five months of 2019 the North Beach region has experienced a significant increase of homes on the market. For the same time period, the City of Ocean Shores has reported 83 building permit applications for stick-built homes,” Quigg said, adding that fo...

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that it is a lot easier to climb onto a dry roof in summer than a wet, slippery one in the winter!  However, most folks have other things on their minds during the sunny, summer days. We thought we’d bring this to your attention so you that you – or someone you hire – can plan a thorough roof examine while it’s easy – and before there is imminent threat of leaks.



Roofs should be checked every year if possible – or at least every couple of years. However, not all homeowners really should be climbing around on ladders let alone a roof.

If it’s not smart for you to be up there – even if you’ve done it in the past – consider calling a local handyman or roofer and explain that you just want some eyes and feet on the roof to see if there are any issues.

Make sure ahead of time that both you and who you have hired are clear what it will cost for them to take a look and what it will cost in time and materials if they find something th...

The last few weeks we’ve been talking about ways – big and small – to spruce up the look of your home and yard, and therefore the look of our community.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, make sure to admire the downtowns in Hoquiam, Aberdeen and Montesano, who have groups of volunteers dedicated to beautifying the towns with flowers, decorations, signage etc. New sidewalks are also making a difference in these cities as well as a fairly recently re-done downtown Elma.

If you are out and about traveling this summer pay attention to what draws you into a small town to eat or shop? Bring these ideas back to your city council or perhaps become a volunteer in one of the many local committees.


As we pointed out last week, it’s not just the public areas of a town that make a difference to its overall appeal, it’s also individual houses and neighborhoods. In fact, we mentioned the possibility of giving your house a good scrub or consider painting it this summer. Today we are remin...

We love it that in Grays Harbor County our city cores are being spruced up by volunteers. Their efforts to seasonally decorate, plant flowers, weed and just in general help us put on our best face, not only helps attract business, it also makes it more pleasant for all of us to live here.

If you haven’t had a chance, take a drive to Hoquiam to see what that bevy of volunteers have done to the downtown core. (We wrote all about it last week.)

Aberdeen and Montesano also have active volunteer groups, plus city-sponsored projects such as new sidewalks and signage that truly make a difference.

However, it’s not just the public spaces that give people an impression of a city, each individual house and yard combine to influence how a community presents itself.

Therefore, showing the lovely place we live in the best light is up to all of us.

Today we will give some tips for you to do just that.



One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, and we know that dealing with various “proje...

It’s amazing what a little inspiration and perspiration can do! Take a drive to downtown Hoquiam to see how volunteer efforts have beautified this city.

Thanks to some community-minded volunteers, the core of Hoquiam is getting spruced up with tidied parks, repainted signs and lots of planters full of bright flowers. And, the newly formed Hoquiam Beautification Committee says there’s more to come!

“We saw good things happening in Aberdeen with their committee and thought it would be nice to work the same sort of magic and spruce up things in Hoquiam,” said Sue Varland, one of the Hoquiam Beautification Committee’s many volunteers.

After Hoquiam City Council member Mary Stinchfield planted the idea of a volunteer group similar to the effort led through the Aberdeen Revitalization Movement’s Bloom Team --  organized by volunteers Bette Worth and Bobbi McCracken – a call went out to form a similar group in Hoquiam.  

In fact, the group consulted with McCracken. “She told us not to reinve...

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