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 Since 1999, the "Nailing it Down"articles have been published in the Daily World and other countywide weekly newspapers. NeighborWorks® of Grays Harbor County has collaborated with local newspapers, elected officials and local experts to publish articles covering hundreds of topics.



Nailing It Down

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August 25, 2019

In our last blog we reminded you that as a non-profit organization, we at NeighborWorks are dedicated to helping Grays Harbor with its housing needs. Our aim is to help create safe and affordable housing opportunities for all residents of Grays Harbor County.

We also mentioned that home-ownership has been proven to stabilize and strengthen communities and that our specialty is helping people get ready to become home buyers – even if that means starting by getting spending under control or helping strengthen credit scores.

Today we want to get you up to speed a bit on our current housing situation and give you the specifics of becoming a home buyer.


The Grays Harbor residential real estate market is healthy, with demand for new homes the strongest in the East County market.

We think home ownership is so helpful for a community that over the years NeighborWorks of Grays Harbor has partnered with the carpentry classes at Grays Harbor College to create new homes. This win...

August 18, 2019

Do you need financing at a time and interest rate you can afford – and some expertise that is free of charge – to buy your first house? We’d love to help! Here at NeighborWorks of Grays Harbor we wear many hats. But, as a not-for-profit organization all of our roles are to help the people of Grays Harbor.

In fact, the mission of NeighborWorks of Grays Harbor County is to develop partnerships in the community between business, government, and residents to create safe and affordable housing opportunities for all residents of Grays Harbor County.

One of the major ways we do that is to encourage, support and facilitate home ownership. Studies – and experience – have proven that home ownership helps stabilize and strengthen communities.



We can actually help make your dream of home ownership a reality. For starters, we have money available to loan to first-time homebuyers – up to 100 percent of the cost of the home including closing costs sometimes!  And, now is...

August 4, 2019

You still have time to paint your house this summer – or at least give it a good scrub.  We’d like to help you with a little advice and the loan of a few tools, if you need them.

Remember, in our climate most houses need to be painted about every five to nine years. Also, remember that simply washing your house can make a huge difference not only in how it looks now, but also in extending the life of your current paint job.


After you’ve carefully scraped, washed, primed and caulked, it’s time to open up that can of paint!

Just like it’s not ideal to paint in a downpour, it’s also not recommended to paint any surface in the direct sun. Doing so can cause the new paint to “skin-over,” resulting in poor attachment to the siding, even blistering. Painting in the direct rain or when moisture in the form of fog is expected can also cause problems. You can put a nice coat of paint on during a drizzling day, but it may not be there the next day. So, if you need to paint in t...

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