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While heating your house may not be at the top of your mind right now, this is a great time to look into a new heating system. As you may know from past columns, we are big fans of ductless heat pumps, which both heat and cool a home.

What you may not know is that people who electrically heat their homes and are income-qualified may be able to receive a new ductless heat pump installed into their homes free of charge! This is thanks to the No Cost Ductless Heat Pump program sponsored by the Grays Harbor PUD, which is administered through us here at NeighborWorks of Grays Harbor.


Cheap alternative for heating, cooling

Before we get to the specifics of who might be eligible, give us a minute to tell you why we love heat pumps!

For starters, our climate is one that is well suited for heat pumps. In Grays Harbor, a regular outside heat pump and inside air handler/furnace is often an efficient way to heat a house. The technology of a...

Summertime is the time for so many home maintenance projects from cleaning your gutters and inspecting your roof to washing or painting your house.

While we’ve mentioned it in recent blogs, it’s been a while since we really concentrated on the importance of ladder safety. So here we go!

When working “up” not only does one need to have the proper equipment, but it’s also key to have the right know-how as well.

Ladder stand-off is a must

Whatever chore that takes you up on an extension ladder – gutter cleaning, roof inspecting, house painting – it opens you up to one of the most common causes of severe fall trauma. People tend to lean out too far to one side – to get that last little area without moving the ladder – which can make the ladder slide sideways and down you go!   

However, before talking about the dangers at the top of the ladder, we’d like to start at the beginning – the ground.

Safety begins with solid, level ground for each of the ladder’s legs. Sometimes you have to modify...

Now is a great time to give your deck a little attention.  You are more likely to find weather-friendly days now and you can look forward to spending time with friends and family!

In fact, a deck can be a great place to have a socially distanced visit if you need to. Hopefully soon, your deck can be used while you host larger gatherings!


Safety comes first! Your annual deck inspection

The first point of inspection should be the way the deck is fastened to the house. What you want to see is the hex-heads of bolts staggered along the deck’s rim joist, which is attached through the siding into the rim joist or framing of the house.

If you only see nail heads, you will want to consult with your contractor or building official for a complete deck inspection. The installation of lags or bolts doesn’t have to be expensive, but there may be other things that need to be done.

For example, decks built closer to saltwater tend to have more problems and sooner. That salty air makes anything made...

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