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August 4, 2019

You still have time to paint your house this summer – or at least give it a good scrub.  We’d like to help you with a little advice and the loan of a few tools, if you need them.

Remember, in our climate most houses need to be painted about every five to nine years. Also, remember that simply washing your house can make a huge difference not only in how it looks now, but also in extending the life of your current paint job.


After you’ve carefully scraped, washed, primed and caulked, it’s time to open up that can of paint!

Just like it’s not ideal to paint in a downpour, it’s also not recommended to paint any surface in the direct sun. Doing so can cause the new paint to “skin-over,” resulting in poor attachment to the siding, even blistering. Painting in the direct rain or when moisture in the form of fog is expected can also cause problems. You can put a nice coat of paint on during a drizzling day, but it may not be there the next day. So, if you need to paint in t...

September 23, 2018

Have you put away your summer toys and barbecue yet? We may still have some nice days ahead, so it may be a little early for that, but it is certainly the time to begin all those chores that tighten up your house for the wind and rain of fall and cold of winter.


If you happened to miss last week’s column it doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for last week’s to do list!

So we’ll review those points before we move on.

We mentioned once again how a good paint job is important for your house’s siding and keeping the water, mold and mildew out! Also, we reiterated that even if you don’t paint your house this year, a scrub with 30 Second cleaner and a good rinse will get the grime off and actually help your current paint job last.

If you don’t have gutter guards to keep out debris or your gutters themselves need to be secured tightly to your house, this is also a great time to take care of those issues.

Lastly, we mentioned that any grass, tree or shrub that is touching th...

September 15, 2018

After a long, dry, gorgeous summer here, this week’s rain brought us back to the reality that fall is on its way.

And as every schoolchild knows, that means falling leaves! Likely you have already noticed them in the streets, your yard and maybe even your gutters!


As we’ve said many a time, you want to have your gutters and downspouts undamaged and clear of debris so that they can capture the rain from your roof and convey it to the ground. But the gutters and downspouts can’t do their job properly when they’re damaged, leaking, missing or blocked with leaves or needles.

While more leaves will be coming soon, grab a sunny moment and check your gutters now, scooping out any debris. You will likely have to do this chore again this fall, but it’s a worthwhile endeavor now, potentially saving you from rainwater running down the side of your home and creating moisture issues.  (Remember safety first and use a ladder stand off to make sure your ladder is more stable.)


August 7, 2018

Ahh, the long, sunny days of summer! Just as the summer weather is perfect for outdoor activities, freedom and vacations; it’s also the best time in the Pacific Northwest – especially near the coast – to get out your paint brushes for painting or staining the exterior of your house.

Around here, most houses need a fresh paint job every five to nine years. Is this the year for your house?

As we’ve recently mentioned, an annual quick wash and rinse can increase the longevity of your paint job. So, if this isn’t the year to repaint your house at least consider washing it.

When it comes to painting, whether you decide to do it yourself or hire someone, it’s good for you to know some tips for a good paint job.

In last week’s column, we took you through all the important details of prepping the house. This week we’re focusing on the actual painting.


After you’ve carefully scraped, washed, primed and caulked, it’s time to open up that can of paint!

Just like it’s not ideal to...

Most folks aren’t thrilled at the prospect of painting their house. But typically it’s the tedious prep work before painting that is the most dreaded chore.

Monotonous as it is, properly preparing your house for paint is critical to the look and longevity of your paint job.

We mentioned last week that most houses in this climate need to be painted about every five to nine years. When was the last time you took a good look at your paint job?

Remember, a good scrub, may be all some houses need to be spruced up! But, if the paint is peeling or cracking, it’s time to gather your gear and tackle the prep work before painting your house.

Or, gather up our gear. Yep, you heard that right. We have paint prep equipment available for loan free of charge, no power washer though.

We believe that having well-painted, well protected houses, helps our community in several ways. So, if you’d like to borrow some equipment – such as scrapers, putty knives, wire brushes, caulk guns, two gallon pump sprayers f...

Decks in our coastal climate need frequent attention and care.

A few weeks ago we talked about the importance of deck safety – ensuring that your deck is securely fastened to the house and that the top deck boards, wooden beams and posts are still solid and sound.

A local building official or contractor can help you determine if yours needs repair or replacement. (Go to the NeighborWorks website at to see our May 19 column on deck safety for more information.)

Once you are certain your deck is secure to hold family and friends for upcoming festivities from graduation parties to Father’s Day to the 4th of July celebrations, your focus can change to improving your deck’s appearance.

Whether it is built from pressure-treated wood or some sort of Trex–like manufactured materials, it will likely need some attention annually to look its best and last for a long time.


For those who opened their pocketbooks a little wider when building or replacing their deck and purchased...

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