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September 6, 2020

We likely will have plenty of summer-like weather in the next few weeks, but we want to give you an idea of the fixes and finishes for your house that are important to tackle this time of year.

Priorities for summer’s end

The end of summer with its semi-long days and warm temperatures can be a great time to paint. 

Yes we are talking about painting once again! Having your house painted and caulked truly is one of the best “insurance policies” you can have to keep rot, mold and deterioration at bay.

However if you’ve painted in the last few years and the house is looking good, don’t jump ahead to the next section yet! A good annual wash with 30-Second cleaner and a hose will still make a difference.

Ever notice how quickly grime can accumulate on vinyl siding? Guess what? That same dirt, grime and mold is also likely covering your wooden exterior. And that dirt begins to harbor vegetation and mold that if left alone can feed on your paint and wooden siding, compromising the integrity of your...

February 3, 2020

When it comes to gaining comfort and cash, as well as having an environmental conscience, there’s nothing like making your home more energy efficient!

We’ve been talking the last few weeks about a variety of energy-saving programs offered through the Grays Harbor PUD, and we’ve got more to talk about today!

Last week we discussed the various rebates available for energy-saving appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, clothes dryers and heat pump water heaters. But did you know that the Grays Harbor PUD also offers rebates for heating system and weatherization projects for qualifying homes? That will be the focus of our column today.

While the no-cost ductless heat pump program that we’ve discussed recently requires residents to meet income eligibility, the energy efficiency rebate program – like the appliance rebate program – does not. However, we still strongly suggest you talk to Melinda James-Saffron, the director of the PUD’s Power and Energy Services, or her crew...

December 6, 2019

Many households on Grays Harbor got a skiff of snow over the Thanksgiving weekend. White or not outside, the mercury has definitely dipped and even if it’s not officially winter yet, it sure feels like it!

We’re not sure what’s in store for the next few weeks and months, but there’s nothing like a cold snap to focus our attention on making homes more weather resistant!

It’s not too late to make yourself more comfortable and your house tighter in this cold. Here are some common questions for cold-proofing your house.

Q. Can I close my foundation vents to prevent heat loss?

A.  Yes. Are you surprised? We’re strong advocates of ventilating your house to keep moisture at bay.  However, we do recommend closing your foundation vents as long as the temperature remains below freezing. It will keep the house more comfortable and save on your heating bill. (Just make sure to open them up again when the weather gets a bit warmer!)

 Q. Can my pipes freeze when the temperature is at or below 32 deg...

September 9, 2019

Have you ever wondered how to really get your sliding window tracks clean?  Even with their dirt and dead flies, they are often one of the most overlooked areas inside our homes. Well, this is a great time of year to clean them – and we’ll tell you exactly what to do, later in the column.

But before we get to that, let’s review our last blog’s End of Summer To Do list. (It’s a little like school, even if you missed last week’s blog you’re not off the hook for the assignment.)


Last week we mentioned once again how a good paint job is important for your house’s siding and keeping the water, mold and mildew out! Also, we reiterated that even if you don’t paint your house this year, a scrub with 30 Second cleaner and a good rinse will get the grime off and actually help your current paint job last.

We also stressed ladder safety in the same breath as what to do if you don’t have gutter guards to keep out debris or your gutters themselves need to be secured tightly to your h...

February 25, 2019

When you start counting the baths, cooking, indoor plants, wet laundry, the dog’s water dish, the rain-soaked  dog, wet jackets and hats, and on and on you’ll quickly get the idea that there is a mini-climate in your house and it needs to be dealt with or you’ll get visited by the mold fairy!

Your heated house is constantly changing these sources of water into air-borne vapor and will allow them to change back into water where a cold surface meets the warm, moisture-laden air, like a toilet tank or window pane.

The trick is to control the “incoming” sources of this moisture and balance the rest with vented fans and other types of ventilation. When you do this, your comfort goes up and the excessive moisture on the thermal windows goes away.

Humidity in the house should be 45 percent to 55 percent. This creates comfort and livability year around. In excess, it is bad for the house.

One of the questions that we are often asked this time of year is “Why do I have moisture inside my thermal-pa...

February 10, 2019

Energy costs are high this time of year, so in recent weeks we’ve been talking about ways to stay comfortable and keep the costs down in your home. In this blog we’ll talk about the cost of running some things – like portable heaters – and also how you can get rebates for a variety of energy-saving measures.


In a cold snap like we’ve been having, many people opt to use an electric space heater to keep the temperature in part of the house a little more comfortable. However, depending on how much it is used, that can turn into a costly addition.

Recently we talked with Dan Kinnaman, energy adviser at the Grays Harbor PUD, who said that most space heaters switched on high use 1,500 watts of electricity. With our current cost of electricity at 8.73 cents per kilowatt/hour, if that heater was on for an entire day it would cost $3.14. Now that’s not too bad if there is a two-day need to make things more comfortable in your home, but if a space heater is used for an enti...

October 2, 2018

The yellow, orange and red leaves are the signal to begin your fall home maintenance chores. This is the season to put away the accoutrements of summer and prepare to hunker down for winter.

Here is an autumn “To Do” list from us here at NeighborWorks of Grays Harbor in Aberdeen to get you started.

  • Check windows and doors for cracked or crumbling caulk. Invest in a 35-year paintable caulk so you don’t have to do this chore again soon. Take a wet finger to smooth the caulk lines.

  • Take the last opportunity of decent weather – if it comes – to scrub mold off your home’s exterior. 

  • Protect under-house or exposed water pipes with pipe sleeves or insulation.

  • Check the dryer’s vent flapper and screen for lint build-up. Does the flapper door work properly? This can be a secret passage for critters!

  • Check all outside lights. With days getting darker earlier, it’s a safety issue to have them in working order. Consider converting to LED lighting.

  • Change the self-cl...

September 23, 2018

Have you put away your summer toys and barbecue yet? We may still have some nice days ahead, so it may be a little early for that, but it is certainly the time to begin all those chores that tighten up your house for the wind and rain of fall and cold of winter.


If you happened to miss last week’s column it doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for last week’s to do list!

So we’ll review those points before we move on.

We mentioned once again how a good paint job is important for your house’s siding and keeping the water, mold and mildew out! Also, we reiterated that even if you don’t paint your house this year, a scrub with 30 Second cleaner and a good rinse will get the grime off and actually help your current paint job last.

If you don’t have gutter guards to keep out debris or your gutters themselves need to be secured tightly to your house, this is also a great time to take care of those issues.

Lastly, we mentioned that any grass, tree or shrub that is touching th...

September 15, 2018

After a long, dry, gorgeous summer here, this week’s rain brought us back to the reality that fall is on its way.

And as every schoolchild knows, that means falling leaves! Likely you have already noticed them in the streets, your yard and maybe even your gutters!


As we’ve said many a time, you want to have your gutters and downspouts undamaged and clear of debris so that they can capture the rain from your roof and convey it to the ground. But the gutters and downspouts can’t do their job properly when they’re damaged, leaking, missing or blocked with leaves or needles.

While more leaves will be coming soon, grab a sunny moment and check your gutters now, scooping out any debris. You will likely have to do this chore again this fall, but it’s a worthwhile endeavor now, potentially saving you from rainwater running down the side of your home and creating moisture issues.  (Remember safety first and use a ladder stand off to make sure your ladder is more stable.)


Most folks aren’t thrilled at the prospect of painting their house. But typically it’s the tedious prep work before painting that is the most dreaded chore.

Monotonous as it is, properly preparing your house for paint is critical to the look and longevity of your paint job.

We mentioned last week that most houses in this climate need to be painted about every five to nine years. When was the last time you took a good look at your paint job?

Remember, a good scrub, may be all some houses need to be spruced up! But, if the paint is peeling or cracking, it’s time to gather your gear and tackle the prep work before painting your house.

Or, gather up our gear. Yep, you heard that right. We have paint prep equipment available for loan free of charge, no power washer though.

We believe that having well-painted, well protected houses, helps our community in several ways. So, if you’d like to borrow some equipment – such as scrapers, putty knives, wire brushes, caulk guns, two gallon pump sprayers f...

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