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September 8, 2018

When should you call 911?

Most people know to call this emergency number when a house is on fire; a violent fight has broken out, and after hearing the crunch of a car crash.

Some people call 911 for the wrong reasons, such as a very minor health issue, a civil dispute or even loneliness. But, many more don’t call when they should, according to local law enforcement.

Protecting your home from burglars has been the topic of our column for the last two weeks. Today we want to extend that idea to being a watchful person and not being shy to call to report suspicious activity.

“It is an ongoing concern that people don’t report on non-emergency types of calls,” said Steve Shumate, the new Aberdeen Police Chief, who worked for many years as the chief criminal deputy at the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office.

“Another problem is that sometimes when people do call to report suspicious activity there is a delay in reporting it,” he said.

Neighbors noting people traveling from door to door without an obvio...

September 1, 2018

Do you want to make your house less attractive to criminals? Today we have a list of tips to help you do just that.

But first, we want to let you know about the possibility of joining a Neighborhood Block Watch Group, which has proven to decrease the crime rate in our area.

Right now there are 10 Neighborhood Block Watch Groups in unincorporated Grays Harbor, with the likelihood that more will be developed. In addition, if Aberdeen’s new police chief has his wish, new groups will be forming within Aberdeen.


In 2013, Steve Shumate, who was then the chief criminal deputy for Grays Harbor County, began the county’s first Neighborhood Block Watch Group at the request of a citizen living on East Hoquiam Road.

“She had been a victim of a burglary on two separate occasions with irreplaceable items that had been stolen and never recovered,” said Shumate, who began his new job as the Aberdeen Police Chief in July.

So Shumate educated himself about Neighborhood Block Watch programs...

August 26, 2018

Mold, mildew, flood water, fires and pests  are the kinds of  home “intruders” that we often talk about in this housing column. However, today we are discussing the more traditional intruder – burglars.

We hope you never have to experience the fear and loss of having someone uninvited come into your home. That’s why, with the help of Grays Harbor County’s new Chief Criminal Deputy, Brad Johansson, we are offering some insights into burglary prevention.

Just like the other aforementioned “intruders,” most often burglars enter homes as a crime of opportunity. The silver lining to this is that we can all do some relatively easy things to make our house less inviting to those who most certainly aren’t invited!

“Good lighting around a house is key,” said Johansson. “We especially like motion lights. When a light suddenly comes on, it can alert the people inside the house, cause the neighbors to take notice, and also can even startle the burglars because they don’t know if someone is turni...

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