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When it comes to recycling, Mike Myers encourages Grays Harborites to keep on keeping on.


We recently talked with Mike, the current chair of Grays Harbor County’s  Solid Waste Committee, who came to the committee in 2008 after 40 years of work at wastewater treatment plants. He is such a wealth of knowledge in the area of all sorts of recycling that we thought we’d share his broad perspective on the topic with our readers.


The last few weeks we’ve been encouraging Grays Harborites to clean up their homes and environs and make use of the area’s various recycling outlets, donation drop offs as well as free days at the LeMay Transfer Station for various city residents. (See the list of days at the end of the column.)


Today we thought we’d step back and take a look at recycling from a broader perspective.


Properly treating waste – whether that is sewage, food waste, garbage, unused pharmaceuticals or recyclables – makes a great difference in our cities and our envir...

April 15, 2018

Have you been finding time between squalls to tackle some spring cleaning?

(Cosmopolis residents, today is your free dump day! And Aberdonians, you too could take a free trip to the LeMay Landfill today with your voucher. You are in the middle of your free Spring Cleanup month.)


As you sort and tidy, we want to remind you that there are places on the Harbor to get money for some of your junk – and also places where you can get the satisfaction of giving to the community.

Here at NeighborWorks of Grays Harbor, it’s great to think of all those houses and yards being tidied up – making a safer, cleaner environment for all of us and a more attractive, welcoming face to the world.


The free days of dumping, either at the LeMay Landfill Transfer station or by dumpsters brought to certain towns is just a great impetus for us to get cracking on cleaning.


While we want things tidied up, it’s best to recycle or reuse as much as possible. No one wants our landfills to fill up any s...

We’ve been talking the last few weeks about getting your house spruced up for spring – inside and out.

We’ve found elbow grease, Dawn soap and water to be just about the best cleaners out there for most jobs. Although, if you’ve been reading this column for any time, you’ll note that we’re also very fond of 30 Second Cleaner for things like dirt and light mold on your siding, porches and decks.


While a good scrub is always a great thing – often this time of year, before you can get to much washing and scrubbing, many of us have to get rid of stuff.


A free day at the transfer station or even (dumpsters placed in certain cities) are or will be available for many Grays Harbor residents in the next weeks and months. Just having that day or days on the calendar should get us motivated to go through stuff.


However, what if you are living in rural Grays Harbor or a city that doesn’t sponsor a Cleanup? Or perhaps you do live in one of the cities but other plans or priorities p...

Treasure or trash?


Ahh… it’s so often in the eye of the beholder!


Even “treasures” – think old cars, building materials, half-completed projects – when stacked around your property for years, look suspiciously like trash.


When it comes to stuff around your house in the light of spring, it’s a little like checking out the scale – or the budget – in January. So, now’s the time for a sobering look.


Last week we let folks know about the communities that are sponsoring free days at the dump. (The cities include Aberdeen, Hoquiam, Cosmopolis, McCleary, Westport, as well as Tokeland and Shoalwater Bay. This week we’re adding info on Ocean Shores, too! Check the end of the column for the dates.)


The first to start is Aberdeen, where citizens receive a voucher to use for a free trip to the LeMay Transfer Station during the month of April.


That means we all have some time to get down to some cleaning and sorting.



You’ve got something th...

It’s officially Spring Cleanup time!


We gave you some warning a few weeks back that now’s the time to begin to start tackling both inside and outside spring cleaning chores – as well as planning ahead for any major projects.


Now we’re happy to pass along that once again many of the area’s municipalities are sponsoring a free Spring Cleanup days at the LeMay Transfer Station or bringing the containers to you.


Each has a little different arrangement, so make sure to read about your area.


It’s been a few years now since Grays Harbor County has sponsored a cleanup for all those out in the county instead of in a city.

Unfortunately for those of you, out in the county, that is still the case – no paid for cleanup day. However, still consider using the fresh spring weather to give your place a once-over and gather up your usable – but not needed by you – stuff to sell or donate.


Then, for as low as $10.46 for up to 200 pounds (or if you have lots of stuff it costs...

 February is the time when realizing New Year’s resolutions and tackling Spring Cleaning collide.


So whether you are a little late starting your New Year’s resolution to “Get Organized,” or if you are just early jumping in to Spring Cleaning, we’ve got some tips for you!


Everyone knows that having your belongings in order and properly stored can often save time and money. However, from our perspective as home maintenance and repair experts there are some things to keep in mind for the safety of your house!





Most attic spaces were not constructed to hold up the weight of box after box of old textbooks, National Geographics or other heavy items.


Most folks don’t realize that they could be creating a severe structural scenario of “the straw that broke the camel’s back” variety as they shove just one more box full of last year’s periodicals under the protection of the attic’s roof. Then boom, the ceiling caves in a...

With January behind us and spring drawing closer, it’s time to examine how you’re doing on some of your New Year’s resolutions.


If you are like most people, health budget and organization goals top the list of what you plan to tackle in 2017.


As far as the “getting your house in order” part, we thought we’d give you some encouragement and a few tips.



Not only does an organized, clutter-free home invite relaxation and calm, it also promotes safety.


Over the years of writing this column we’ve talked to firefighters who’ve mentioned that good housekeeping can save lives!


When firefighters come to your house, typically you haven’t had a chance to tidy up! So, that means firefighters see the insides of homes in all conditions. And, frankly, stacks of this and that around can lead to residential fires.


It also can make escaping them as well as fighting them, much more difficult and dangerous. Extra clutter can also contribu...

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