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October 14, 2019

Do you remember the devastating winter storms of 2007?  Can it really already be 12 years ago? For many of us on the Twin Harbors, those days of hurricane-force gusts and howling winds are still fresh in our memories. If you’ll recall, most of the Harbor was without power for five days or longer and wind and rain damage was widespread throughout the coast!

More recently, the 2015 storm brought a river in the sky – 11 inches of water in 24 hours. It included flooding and slides due to the inability to drain or convey this volume of water out of our streets and city storm water systems.

Already this year, crews are prepping for winter rains. As weather patterns change, we hope that we won’t have to endure such devastation again, but actively preparing for major weather events – having our homes prepared; streets, storm drains and pumps ready – is just smart living. We all have an overlapping civic responsibility to be involved in this effort. Here are a few things you can do.



Not long ago we wrote about calling 811 at least two business days before digging more than a foot deep on your property to ensure you won’t run into any underground utilities. We did so because with this great spring weather, the gardening and home improvement projects are blossoming!

Today we’d like to draw your attention up -- to address a similar safety concern. We are talking about trees and powerlines and how the two don’t make a good pair.

Even if a tree never comes crashing through your house or interacts with your powerlines, it’s likely that you have been affected by a power outage at some time caused by a broken limb or felled tree somewhere along the powerline that serves you.

Todd Plato, the contract construction superintendent at the Grays Harbor Public Utility District (PUD), is the guy in the know when it comes to trees and power.

“A lot of our outages are tree-related, so we are constantly working to trim trees that encroach on our transmission and distribution lines,” Pla...

January 17, 2019

We hope your Christmas was merry and bright! Today we will share a few more tips about preparing your home for windy weather.

Last week we mentioned the recent tornado that devastated a neighborhood in Port Orchard, which isn’t that far from here. While tornados are very rare in Western Washington, it seems we’re seeing new weather patterns lately.

During the winter storm of 2007, hurricane force gusts and howling winds went on for days, peeling off more than 100 roofs. Part of the aftermath of that storm for most of us was power outages that lasted five days or longer. We all learned something about being prepared – or what life is like when you’re not.

In addition to checking the soundness of your roof, windows, doors and garage doors before a storm, it’s important to clean out gutters and storm drains to help prevent leaks and damage to your house.

For the details of what to look for in your roof, windows, doors and garage doors, check out last week’s column posted on our website at www...

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