Gather your junk, time to tidy up for spring

We’ve been encouraging you to do some spring cleaning, but now we have some good news about what you can do with all the stuff you need to throw away – It’s Spring Cleanup time in Grays Harbor!

When the coronavirus hit two years ago, millions of people spent their time at home in a closet-cleaning, garage, attic and basement-purging frenzy.

It seems that trend has continued, with many people going to the dump as well as donating or selling items that are too good to throw away. For many folks in Grays Harbor, we have great news: You may have the opportunity to take a trip to the transfer station for free during your city’s Spring Cleanup days!

Hoquiam has first shot at Cleanup

Hoquiam citizens, we hope you are prepared, because your turn is now -- today through Saturday, March 23-26. (Coupons are available at the Hoquiam Sanitation office until Friday, the 25th.) So, you’ll want to complete the cleanup of your home and environs ASAP!

During those days, Hoquiam Sanitation customers can take their voucher for a free trip to the LeMay Transfer Station, 29 Gavett Lane N., off of Clemons Road North, just west of Montesano. The hours for the Spring Cleanup are from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. during weekdays and 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays.

Also on the docket for Cleanups

Aberdeen residents will receive a voucher for one free trip to the dump from April 1-30.

The voucher is good for just up to one ton of garbage in one trip. If the junk weighs more than that, the resident pays the difference at the scales.

Cosmopolis is treating its residents to one free trip to the LeMay Transfer Station from April 11-16. For Westport residents, the days set aside are May 1-31.

For residents of McCleary, the dumpsters are coming to you! Saturday, April 23 dumpsters will be available at the McCleary City Hall parking lot for McCleary residents to bring a limit of one load in.

Because each city has a little different arrangement with LeMay Grays Harbor, your own City Hall is the best place to contact for more information.

Even if you have to pay, it’s a bargain!

Sorry to the folks living outside city limits; it’s been a few years now since Grays Harbor County has sponsored a cleanup for those living outside of city limits within the county. Budgets are tight!

However, while there is no paid-for cleanup day for folks in the county and some cities, we suggest using the spring energy and weather to give your place a once-over and gather up your usable – but not needed by you – stuff to sell or donate.

Then take the actual junk to the LeMay Transfer Station near Montesano for the minimum charge of $11.34 for up to 200 pounds. If you have a lot of stuff to deal with, it’s only $109.50 a ton, with a sliding scale in between

Transfer station has transferred!

As noted in the address above, the transfer station moved a couple of years ago. In case you haven’t done a major clean up in a while, you might not have realized that!

The offices near Aberdeen at 4301 Olympic Highway are now primarily used as the headquarters for LeMay Grays Harbor. The transfer station, recycling center, and the moderate risk waste station have moved to the 29 Gavett Lane N. location.

Moderate risk waste

Items that are considered “Moderate Risk Waste” can also be disposed of at the Grays Harbor Transfer Station in a special area.

The Moderate Risk Waste is open from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. each Wednesday and the first Saturday of each month. Businesses must call to make an appointment for drop off. Call the county for more information (360) 538-7080.

Bring your extra recycling too

Recycling is always accepted free of charge at the Recycling Center located at the transfer station. The following is accepted:

  • Glass – bottles only. No window glass or ceramics.

  • Tin and aluminum – No scrap metal or paint cans

  • Newspaper – Take off string and empty bags

  • Mixed paper

  • Milk jugs

Do you have old electronic items?

Old electronics including computer monitors, televisions, towers and e-readers are accepted at the E-Cycle center located at the Transfer Station. It is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. each Tuesday. There is no charge.

Stay tuned for next week

We have more to say on this topic and more details to give you. In the meantime, just begin your cleaning and sorting. (Unless you live in Hoquiam, where you have a tight deadline to take advantage of this year’s Spring Cleanup!) You can also call LeMay at (360) 533-1251 or look up some of the information online at

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