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Give away treasures, throw away trash

It's Spring Cleanup time in Grays Harbor! For many Harborites, that means a free trip to the dump. The folks in Hoquiam already had their free days last week!

However, whether you get a free day at the dump or not, use the spring air to see if your old stuff can be useful to a local charity!

What to do with stuff that’s still good

One of the reasons so many of us hesitate to get rid of things is that even if we no longer need or want it, we find it hard to “trash” something that isn’t trash.

As you sort and clean this spring, you are likely to run into a few items that you no longer have use for, but clearly could be of use to somebody.

If you would like to get some money out of your things, perhaps it is time to organize a garage sale or check out one of the many internet sites to sell things. Facebook pages also offer opportunity to sell or give away your items. And, the good ‘ole want ads in local papers also bring customers your way.

Maybe you don’t need the money, or don’t want the hassle of selling your former treasures. No need to fret.

Several local charities would love to have your gently used items – and if you want, you can get a receipt for a tax deduction for next year. The Goodwill, the Union Gospel Mission and Habitat for Humanity will consider taking gently used items, but not your garbage!

Each organization has slightly different needs and rules, so you’ll want to check with them.

For instance, Habitat for Humanity’s store specializes in building materials that someone can use. It’s a great place to take your extra boxes of tiles, flooring, sinks, lumber, good doors and much more – things you know will be a godsend to someone else, but that most charities don’t take. The store is at 3005 Simpson Ave. in Hoquiam. Call ahead at (360) 612-3350 if you have questions.

Habitat for Humanity even takes some furniture and household items. And, the other good news is that they can pick up your items at your house. The pickup schedule is usually booked out about one to two weeks, depending on where you live, but is certainly a help! While their store hours are more extensive, donations are accepted only from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday through Saturday.

Our local Goodwill Store, located near Walmart, no longer accepts furniture, but will take clean used clothes, household items, bedding, toys, home décor, books, tapes, movies, and much more. Again, if you wonder what their donation rules or hours are, give them a call. Their number is (360) 532-0209.

The Union Gospel Mission in downtown Aberdeen is another charity organization that you can donate used goods to. They can always use blankets, sleeping bags, clothes and household items. They will also pick up furniture in good condition. Check with them at (360) 533-1064 for more information.

While not a charity, Aberdeen Thrift City, 306 North B. St., in Aberdeen, can give you a way to divert things from the landfill by reselling them to others. They will take your clean clothes, housewares, kitchen items and furniture in good condition. (They do not take TVs, printers, toys or books.) Call them at (360) 532-8020 with questions.

Lion’s Club Newspaper drop offs

Do you have old newspapers to recycle? You can do so for free at the LeMay Transfer Station’s recycling center. Or, better yet, look for the area’s Lion’s Club’s newspaper drop offs!

Not everything is a treasure!

As you go through your attic, garage, basement and closets you will find some things that are so old or broken that their new home needs to be the LeMay Transfer Station, 29 Gavett Lane No., off of Clemons Road North, just west of Montesano

Do you have a free day to dump?

Aberdeen residents will receive a voucher for one free trip to the dump from April 1-30.

The voucher is good for just up to one ton of garbage in one trip. If the junk weighs more than that, the resident pays the difference at the scales. (Hoquiam folks already had their Spring Cleanup days.)

Cosmopolis is treating its residents to one free trip to the LeMay Transfer Station from April 11-16. For Westport residents, the days set aside are May 1-31.

For residents of McCleary, the dumpsters are coming to you! Saturday, April 23 dumpsters will be available at the McCleary City Hall parking lot for McCleary residents to bring a limit of one load in.

Because each city has a little different arrangement with LeMay Grays Harbor, call your own City Hall first for more information.


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