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More places to get rid of your junk

We still have Spring Cleaning on our minds and hope you do too!

In last week’s blog we mentioned the Goodwill, the Union Gospel Mission, and Habitat for Humanity, local charities that each want a different mix of what you might need to cast-off.

In addition, we mentioned the Aberdeen Thrift City, a business that also accepts donations.

But sometimes it seems like nobody wants what you need to throw away – not even the dump! That’s why we want to remind you about the Stafford Creek Landfill. Keep reading too, if you’d like to make a few dollars on your old metal. (But first, let us remind you that many Grays Harbor citizens have a free day to dump at the LeMay Transfer Station in Montesano. The schedule for those days is at the end of this blog.)

Stafford Creek landfill takes construction and yard waste

For yard or construction waste, the Stafford Creek Landfill is an option you should consider. Located next to the Stafford Creek Prison off of State Route 105 on the way to Westport, the Stafford Creek Landfill is open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

This facility is a wood-based landfill, where you pay to get rid of heavy yard waste, composition roofing, demolition materials including lumber, concrete and asphalt, dirt, shake roofing, trees and stumps. The price, which is based on volume-per cubic yard (3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet) varies depending on what’s in your load. To give you an idea, most pickup beds range from 1 to 3 cubic yards.

For instance, it costs $17 a cubic yard to dispose of dirt, $30 to dispose of shake roofing, $33 to throw away concrete and asphalt and $25 a cubic yard to dump yard waste and brush. (Everything is paid for on a one-yard minimum.)

No raw garbage, sheetrock, insulation, metal, plastic or railroad ties or creosote-soaked wood is accepted here. We recommend you call ahead for rules and current pricing of what you are disposing – (360) 533-8361.


As you sort and cleanup, don’t forget that recyclables are free to dispose of at the Recycling Center inside the LeMay Transfer Station, 29 Gavett Lane North, just west of Montesano.

Items accepted include glass bottles (no plate glass windows, etc.) tin, aluminum (no scrap metal or paint cans), flattened cardboard, milk jugs, newspapers and mixed paper.

In addition, the Moderate Risk Waste Site, located as you come into the Lemay Transfer Station, is free to use but has very limited hours. It is open the first Saturday of the month and every Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (Businesses must call to make an appointment for drop off. Call the county for more information at (360) 538-7080.

The E-cycle area is also free to use. It is where you can take your computer monitors, screens, towers, televisions, etc. It is available at all times for drop off, but if you require assistance, come on Tuesdays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Check out the Lemay website at, or give them a call at (360) 533-1251 or more specifics.

Local metal buyers can help you get cash

Some of what you want to get rid of might be worth a little cash in your pocket. Our area has several metal buyers that you might want to consider using.

We were able to catch up with the folks at Pay More Recycle and Salvage, which is located at 1813 Westport Rd. in Aberdeen, and learn about many of the things they can recycle for you – and pay you for on the spot.

They take just about anything that’s metal and pay you the going rate for that metal. One notable exception is that they will take your air conditioning units, freezers and refrigerators off your hands for free, but do not pay you for those.

Items you can get a little money for include aluminum including cans, aluminum pots and pans, as well as anything brass, copper, zinc, lead, stainless steel. Also on the list are car batteries, electric motors, bicycles, barbecues, all appliances including washers and dryers, sheet metal, and aluminum sheet, car engines, transmissions and even metal swing sets.

The company will also take the metal rims from car wheels – but not the rubber tire part.

Prices for each metal vary depending on the various markets, with aluminum on the lower end and metals such as copper and brass getting a lot more per pound. People are encouraged to call ahead at (360) 612-3645 to ask questions and check prices.

Dates of Spring Cleanup

In case you haven’t heard, many different cities have opted to treat their citizens with a free trip to the LeMay Grays Harbor landfill. The folks in Hoquiam already had there cleanup days and the folks outside of city property lines, do not get one this year.

Aberdeen residents will receive a voucher for one free trip to the dump from April 1-30. The voucher is good for just up to one ton of garbage in one trip. If the junk weighs more than that, the resident pays the difference at the scales.

Cosmopolis is treating its residents to one free trip to the LeMay Transfer Station from April 11-16. For Westport residents, the days set aside are May 1-31.

For residents of McCleary, the dumpsters are coming to you! Saturday, April 23 dumpsters will be available at the McCleary City Hall parking lot for McCleary residents to bring a limit of one load in.

Because each city has a little different arrangement with LeMay Grays Harbor, call your own City Hall first for more information.


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