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When did you last clean behind the fridge?

The daffodils have bloomed and spring is here!

This is Mother Nature’s way of telling you to start the processes needed for getting outdoor projects done, like painting the house, replacing the deck, putting up a new fence, reroofing, replacing windows, doors, remodeling or just about anything else! You’ll want to plan now, before the daffodils bloom, to draw up your scope of work and start calling contractors for a loose estimate/bids and lock them down. Good luck!

That bit of advice expressed, we want to share a list of inside chores that will help you get ready for spring and summer on the inside of your home. Think about it as seeking improvements for you and your family’s health by eliminating clutter, sources of moisture in the home and dust that all promotes mold.

This week we’ll start with an Inside Checklist, with an Outside Chore checklist coming in an upcoming blog.


  • Wash the inside of the windows. While you may want to wait a bit before tackling the outside of the windows, you could be surprised what a difference just shining up the inside of the windows looks like.

  • Wash/dust around the window frame and the blinds. Clean out the window tracks where mold, dust and dead bugs accumulate.

  • Open windows and doors for a while. This takes the stale smell away and lets out trapped moisture. Also, the extra light and fresh air helps kill spores – Pick a time without extreme low temperatures or rain, of course!

  • Pull all appliances away from their footprint. Move your stove, refrigerator, freezer, washer and dryer. Then, thoroughly vacuum/ sweep and wet mop behind and under where each appliance gathers lint, lost socks, toys and food that also attracts insects and vermin. Heavy dust is a potential fire hazard. Damaged vent pipes can release lots of moisture into the home, which leads to mold issues!

  • Check and replace any damaged dryer vent piping and tighten connections. If you find lots of lint there could be a problem. Find it. Check the outdoor flapper vent, too, with the dryer running.

  • Clean inside your dryer. Vacuuming all the extra lint around your clothes dryer isn’t enough. Remove the lint screen and plastic cowling. Look deep inside the dryer area with a flashlight for lint build-up. This is a fire hazard that needs to be removed with a slim vacuum nozzle.

  • Replace washing machine supply lines older than ten years or showing any signs of cracking or drips. Chlorine in the water eats rubber hoses and washer connections.

  • Dust/vacuum the coils of the refrigerator. Then replace the back cardboard covering the dusty motor to maintain the proper ventilation for the appliance. Also, take the vent off the front of the refrigerator and wash it.

  • Replace refrigerator water filters every six months. Is it time to clean the inside of the fridge too? Furry food things in the deep back can cause health issues every time you open the door.

  • Ok, is it clearly time to clean inside the oven, under the burners and even shake out the toaster into the garbage can?

  • Clean ductless heat pump screens and replace the furnace filter. Blow out and vacuum each Cadet wall heater. Then wipe-down each baseboard and remove all the toys, coins and whatever else in each. Ask yourself if you are ready for a super-efficient ductless heat pump. Note to self: Call local PUD to ask about their rebate and weatherization programs.

  • Is it time to clean out the floor vents? Yep, lots of dust and stuff gets into them and this affects your health. There are duct-sanitizer contractors available to do this deep-cleaning chore.

  • Clean out every drawer and shelf. These areas can be dusty that may be affecting your health.

  • Fix any drippy faucets. Drips waste water and money.

  • Treasure hunt. Vacuum under the couch and cushions especially the inside couch edges under the cushions. You may find lots of money and that lost remote in there somewhere!

  • Tidy garages, out buildings. When the weather turns more spring-like, you will want to spend your energy in your garden and yard. So, now is the time to begin tidying up your garages and sheds. That way when the nice weather comes, you won’t be stuck inside doing that and you will know where all your tools and supplies are to begin your outside gardening and DIY-projects.

  • Establish piles to repurpose, give away, throw away. Now is the time to establish piles to give away, sell and take to the dump!

Well that that’s a hit list of To Do’s, whether you own or rent, that will improve your health and outlook as we roller coaster our way out of Covid.

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