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Down Payment

Down Payment

Saving for a down payment and closing costs.

Home  Repair

Home Repair

Make repairs to your home.

Housing Counseling

Housing Counseling

Learn your financing options.

home repair fund

home repair fund

Prepare for financial emergencies.

Our counselor can walk you step-by-step through the homebuying process, from getting your budget in order to financing or refinancing a home loan.


Our counseling is always free.


Call 360-533-7828 to schedule an appointment today or drop us a line in the contact box below!


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We offer expertise in:


Pre-purchase budgeting

Help in finding ways to clean up or start your credit history and budgeting to put you on the way to homeownership. 


Home loan analysis

If you decide to buy a home, we will help you understand different financing options and your repayment ability


Mortgage default

Help with budgeting, financial review, and lender negotiation to help keep you from defaulting on your mortgage. 




We can help if you can no longer make your mortgage payments and want to protect your credit by selling your home before a foreclosure becomes final





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