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Where do I take what on free spring cleanup days?

Treasure or trash?

Ahh… it’s so often in the eye of the beholder!

Even “treasures” – think old cars, building materials, half-completed projects – when stacked around your property for years, look suspiciously like trash.

When it comes to stuff around your house in the light of spring, it’s a little like checking out the scale – or the budget – in January. So, now’s the time for a sobering look.

Last week we let folks know about the communities that are sponsoring free days at the dump. (The cities include Aberdeen, Hoquiam, Cosmopolis, McCleary, Westport, as well as Tokeland and Shoalwater Bay. This week we’re adding info on Ocean Shores, too! Check the end of the column for the dates.)

The first to start is Aberdeen, where citizens receive a voucher to use for a free trip to the LeMay Transfer Station during the month of April.

That means we all have some time to get down to some cleaning and sorting.


You’ve got something that is too good to throw away, but the truth is you haven’t gotten around to fixing it, installing it or using it yet.

So, what’s it going to be? Yikes, this can be hard for DIYers! This doesn’t mean you have to give away all your materials, or future projects, but sometimes it’s good to take a fresh look and actually give that “someday” a name by putting it on the calendar. Or schedule. Or, if not, consider if it has value to someone else.

If you want to get some money out of your things, perhaps it is time to organize a garage sale or check out one of the many internet sites to sell things – including www.2good2toss. There’s also local Facebook, county or city-specific swap sites you can ask to join. And, the good ‘ole want ads in local papers, such as this one, will also bring customers your way.

Maybe you don’t need the money, or don’t want the hassle of selling your things. Several local charities would love to have your gently used items – and if you want, you can get a receipt for a tax deduction for next year. The Salvation Army, the Goodwill, the Union Gospel Mission and Habitat for Humanity will consider taking gently used items, but not your garbage. You can also recycle electronic items at the Salvation Army and the LeMay Transfer site at no cost.

Each has slightly different needs and rules, so you’ll want to check with them. One of the newer ones, Habitat for Humanity’s store specializes in building materials that someone can use. It’s a great place to take your extra boxes of tiles, flooring, sinks, lumber, good doors and much more – things you know will be a godsend to someone else, but that most charities don’t take. It’s at 3005 Simpson Ave. in Hoquiam. Call ahead at (360) 612-3350 if you have questions.


Tracy Elders, the office lead at the LeMay Transfer Station, has compiled a great list of where to take things – either to be recycled or disposed of properly. It’s at

Here is a sample:

  • Asbestos – check out

  • Syringes –

Things such as glass, used oil, and tires, and bulky items such as refrigerators, freezers can all be dealt with at the LeMay Transfer Station in its various areas.

Check out the website, or give them a call for more specifics. There’s even a link showing you how to stop unsolicited mail.


As promised, we’re going to briefly review the Spring Cleanup dates offered to select municipalities in the county.

  • ABERDEEN residents have their choice of days during the month of April. They will be receiving vouchers from Aberdeen City Hall. It, accompanied by a driver’s license, is the ticket to a trip to the LeMay Transfer Station any day the transfer site from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturdays, April 2-31.

  • COSMOPOLIS residents should mark April 14 on their calendar! Take a city-issued voucher for a free trip to the Lemay Transfer Station that day.

  • OCEAN SHORES will place dumpsters in designated areas April 24-26 for citizens to take their junk.

  • MCCLEARY residents will have dumpsters brought to their city on April 28.

  • TOKELAND-SHOALWATER BAY residents will also have large containers placed in their town beginning April 30.

  • WESTPORT vouchers can be picked up by city residents soon at City Hall for a free dump day in May. Licenses are also required

  • HOQUIAM residents are scheduled for June 6-9th. They will be receiving a voucher in the mail, which should be taken with a driver’s license to the transfer station during those days.

Dave Murnen and Pat Beaty are construction specialists at NeighborWorks® of Grays Harbor County, where Murnen is the executive director. This is a non-profit organization committed to creating safe and affordable housing opportunities for all residents of Grays Harbor County.

Do you have questions about home repair, renting, remodeling or becoming a homeowner or one of our contractors? We have rehab loan funds at tailored rates! Call us at 533-7828, write us or visit us at 710 E. Market St. in Aberdeen.

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