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Several options for recycling items you no longer need

Have you been finding time between squalls to tackle some spring cleaning?

(Cosmopolis residents, today is your free dump day! And Aberdonians, you too could take a free trip to the LeMay Landfill today with your voucher. You are in the middle of your free Spring Cleanup month.)

As you sort and tidy, we want to remind you that there are places on the Harbor to get money for some of your junk – and also places where you can get the satisfaction of giving to the community.

Here at NeighborWorks of Grays Harbor, it’s great to think of all those houses and yards being tidied up – making a safer, cleaner environment for all of us and a more attractive, welcoming face to the world.

The free days of dumping, either at the LeMay Landfill Transfer station or by dumpsters brought to certain towns is just a great impetus for us to get cracking on cleaning.

While we want things tidied up, it’s best to recycle or reuse as much as possible. No one wants our landfills to fill up any sooner than they need to!

So, today we’re going to remind you of some things you can recycle, as well as some places you can even get money for your old stuff.


Of course you can recycle your aluminum cans free at the LeMay Transfer Station. However, as we mentioned last week, now the landfill will pay 30 cents a pound (31 cents a pound if you have 100 pounds or more) if the cans are clean, dry and have any paper labels removed.

Another option is to go to one of our local metal recyclers. We were able to talk with the folks at Pay More Recycle and Salvage, which is located at 1813 Westport Rd. in Aberdeen, and learn of all the things they can recycle for you – and pay you for on the spot.

“We take just about anything that’s metal,” said Pam King at Pay More Recycle and Salvage.

“Those things include, aluminum including cans, aluminum pots and pans, as well as anything brass, copper, zinc, lead, stainless steel, car batteries

electric motors, bicycles, barbecues, all appliances including washers, dryers, freezers and refrigerators, sheet metal, and aluminum sheet, car engines, transmissions, metal swing sets.

“We will also take metal car wheels – but not the rubber tire part. We do not take any glass or liquids.”

Right now, their price for aluminum cans is 33 cents a pound. Copper and brass get the most per pound. However Pam cautioned that the prices for each metal fluctuate depending on the prices set by their buyer.

People are encouraged to call ahead to check prices and with any other questions.


The nonprofit organization, Habitat for Humanity, has a local Restore in Aberdeen. While you don’t get money when you take your things in – you can get the warm feeling that you’re helping this community in several ways.

First of all, you are decluttering your house.

Second, you are not clogging up landfills with items that someone can use.

Third, your donated goods to the store provide an inexpensive alternative to someone on the Harbor to help fix up their house.

And last but not least, the funds that are generated through reselling donated items at the store go to help build affordable homes for local residents that qualify for their program. Affordability helps prevent homelessness and extends a hand up to working families, while strengthening our community.

Whew, that’s a lot of good from ‘good stuff’ you no longer want or use but can’t bear to throw out.

Here are some items Habitat will consider taking if they are in good, working condition: appliances, books, cabinets, doors, fasteners and hardware, flooring, furniture, HVAC including ducting, flashing, insulation and vents, fireplace inserts, furnaces and wood stoves, home décor, home electronics, lawn and garden supplies, quality lumber, office equipment and furniture, paint, roofing, televisions that are less than 5 years old, tile, tools and equipment, windows, shutters, blinds that are new.

They do not take fabric items or clothing with the exception of quality gently used work clothes, work boots, rubber boots and outer wear such as rain gear and jackets.


Did you have yard or construction waste you need to get rid of? One option is the Stafford Creek Landfill, which is open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. It is next to the Stafford Creek Prison off of State Route 105 on the way to Westport.

This facility is a wood-based landfill, where you pay to get rid of heavy yard waste, composition roofing, demolition materials including concrete, lumber and asphalt, dirt or shake roofing, trees and stumps. The price, which is based on volume-per cubic yard (3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet (basically the back of a pickup truck spread out) vary depending on the load.

For instance it costs $8 a yard to dispose of dirt, $16 to dispose of shake roofing and $14 a yard to dump yard waste and brush (with a $25 minimum for the yard waste.)

No garbage, sheetrock, insulation, metal or plastic is accepted here.

We recommend you call ahead for rules and current pricing of what you are disposing – (360) 533-8361.


For more information about the free Spring Cleanup days at the LeMay Transfer station call your local city or LeMay at (360) 533-1251. In addition, you can find information online at


  • ABERDEEN residents have their choice of days during the month of April. A city-issued voucher accompanied by a driver’s license, is the ticket to a trip to the LeMay Transfer Station any day the transfer site is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturdays.

  • COSMOPOLIS residents’ day is April 14. Today! Come with your city-issued voucher.

  • OCEAN SHORES residents will have dumpsters brought to their city on April 24-26.

  • MCCLEARY residents will have dumpsters brought to their city on April 28.

  • TOKELAND-SHOALWATER BAY residents will have dumpsters placed in their town beginning April 30.

  • WESTPORT vouchers can be picked up by city residents soon at City Hall for a free dump day in May. Licenses are also required

  • HOQUIAM residents are scheduled for June 6-9. A city-issued voucher plus a driver’s license is the ticket to the free dump day.

Dave Murnen and Pat Beaty are construction specialists at NeighborWorks® of Grays Harbor County, where Murnen is the executive director. This is a non-profit organization committed to creating safe and affordable housing opportunities for all residents of Grays Harbor County.

Do you have questions about home repair, renting, remodeling or becoming a homeowner or one of our contractors? We have rehab loan funds at tailored rates! Call us at 533-7828, write us or visit us at 710 E. Market St. in Aberdeen.

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