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Are you eligible for a free, installed ductless heat pump?

In 2020 most all of us are spending a lot more time at home! In fact, as you may know there’s been a significant home-improvement boon happening throughout the county!

With most people spending so much more time in their homes, it’s even becoming hard to find available contractors because so many people are restoring, remodeling, revitalizing and redecorating their homes.

One thing that tops the list of making your nest truly cozy and comfortable is having consistent, clean and inexpensive heat.

We’re entering the coldest time of the year between now and March, and we thought we might have your attention to talk once again about a wonderful program to provide income- qualified Grays Harbor County residents with installed ductless heat pumps!

Since 2016, we here at NeighborWorks of Grays Harbor have partnered with the Grays Harbor PUD’s Energy Services Department to offer free ductless heat pumps. Maybe you – or some folks you know – are eligible!

This fits so nicely into our mission of providing housing opportunities in Grays Harbor. And, with the help of local contractors, during these last five years we’ve installed almost 400 ductless heat pumps. Most of them were at no-cost to the residents.

Not only do the residents receive a new heating source for their home, but they also typically save money on their monthly energy bill – sometimes a lot of money.

In fact, we sure hear stories of satisfied residents who love the cozy heat source – and the lower energy cost which has saved their budgets!

How a heat pump works

As we mentioned in last week’s column, heat pump technology basically recovers heat from the outside air and transfers it via a closed-loop refrigerant gas to an air handler inside your house. The air handler blows circulating air through the air handler’s radiator coil that was heated by the gas and delivers warm air into the house. In a ducted system, the heated air is conveyed through your ducts and floor vents. Ductless heat pumps are just as they sound. They do not utilize any duct work to convey the heated or cooled air – making them relatively simple and less expensive to install in most homes.

In the summer, heat pumps will do the reverse – drying out the indoor air and pulling the heat out of the air from inside the house and blowing it off outside at the exterior heat pump unit. The returning air feels cool, providing you with a nice, air-conditioned space.

The difference in heat pump applications, besides cost, will be how much of a home will be heated or cooled by each type of unit. Ducted units can be more efficient in large homes with many rooms, but ductless units are great for smaller or more open houses. We suggest talking to your heating specialist. Our free ductless installations will heat/cool whatever the unit sensor can ‘see’ and more. Heating the main living areas are the focus and the best places to save on energy use.

Are you eligible?

To be eligible to receive a ductless heat pump through this program, the following criteria must be met.

  • The household’s total income cannot exceed 200 percent of the current federal poverty guidelines. (More specifics on that below.)

  • Mobile homes built after June 15, 1976, and single family homes are eligible.

  • The home must not be in need of major structural or health and safety-related repairs.

  • The primary source of heat in the home should be permanently installed electric heat. And the residents must be current Grays Harbor PUD customers. There must be a clear indication of an electric heating signature from previous usage.

  • The home must be at least one year old, occupied year round.

  • Both homeowners and tenants (with owner approval) may apply.

Income levels

The low-income household eligibility is defined in the Federal Weatherization Assistance Program as up to 200 percent of the federal poverty income level. The 2020 figures are:

  • For a household of one, the income can be no more than $25,520 annually.

  • For a household of two, the annual income lid is $34,480.

  • For a household of three, the annual income lid is $43,440.

  • For a household of four, the annual income lid is $52,400.

  • For a household of five, the annual income lid is $61,360.

  • For a household of six, the annual income lid is $70,320.

  • For a household of seven, the annual income lid is $79,280.

  • For a household of eight, the annual income lid is $88,240.

Give us a call

If you think you may be eligible to receive a heat pump or have questions about the program, give us a call at NeighborWorks of Grays Harbor at (360) 533-7828 (extension 112) and leave a message for Pat. You can also email us at, or message us at our website at


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