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Curb Appeal: It's not just for buyers and sellers!

July 2024

Grays Harbor County is full of so much natural beauty that we can sometimes forget how special the place we live in is.


And, with major flood prevention projects on the horizon in Aberdeen and Hoquiam, we are excited to see the downtown cores of our towns become more receptive and available for investment and revitalization!


But it’s not all about the great outdoors or the business districts that make our hometowns look nice. It’s also individual homeowners sprucing up their own homes that can make a huge difference in the impression our community leaves on others as well as our own quality of life.


Therefore, presenting the lovely place we live in the best light is up to all of us.

Today we will give some tips for you to do just that.


Remove the junk!

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, and we know that dealing with various “project” piles can be a sensitive issue in a neighborhood – or even within a household! However, any progress in that area can make a major improvement in how a house or neighborhood looks.


For those of you who have these sorts of items, why not promise yourself that this is the summer you are going to address them.


Here are some ways to make a dent.

·         View your property from the street with fresh eyes. What items look “junky” to you?

·         Determine if there are items such as old cars and building materials that you really are not going to use. Make some money by selling them online, going to the metal buyer, etc. Or, donate them to a charity.

·         A trip to the dump is also relatively inexpensive – set a date to go this summer and gather your items together to make a full load. And then do it! If you don’t have the vehicle, trailer or strength to make the haul, there are services available that will pick up those larger items and dispose of them properly for a reasonable fee.

·         Investing in a shed, a gate, or a little privacy screen will also improve the overall look of your property.

·         For the rest, consider getting to work on that project!  At the very least gather such items together in one place.


The Simple Things:

 Mowing, weeding, planting

The very rain that keeps the Pacific Northwest so green causes lawns, trees, shrubs, flowers – and weeds – to grow at a rapid pace.


However, simply mowing your lawn – or finding someone else to do it – tops our list of easy ways to spruce up your home.


Then, even getting rid of just one area of overgrown blackberry bushes, weeds or vines makes a quick impact on the “street appeal” of your home. Plus, it can be a motivating factor to cause you to tackle the next area once you see how little time it actually takes and what a difference an hour or two can make.


For an added touch that does make a difference – a couple of flowers in pots near your door can add a welcoming feeling to your home. (Did you know that geraniums have a natural mosquito repellant? Consider including them on your porch or deck.)


For those out there with tidy, trim lawns and gardens – we all thank you! It makes our towns so attractive!


Washing and painting

If you have been reading this column for any amount of time, you know that we recommend that you wash your house once every year or two. A good scrub can prolong your paint job – and makes it look fresh and clean.


In addition, in this climate most houses need to be painted every four to seven years. The paint not only helps your house look beautiful, it actually protects it from water and insect damage.


When it takes more than paint.  

There does come a point, however, when it’s just time to replace the siding – depending on what kind you have. Yes, it’s a bit costly, but an expense that helps protect your main investment – your home. 


Other low cost ideas.

Other things that are less expensive, but can make a tremendous impact on how your home looks, include pressure washing your sidewalks and driveways, cleaning, repairing or even replacing gutters and downspouts.


Even if you just sweep your porch and put flowers out and hire the neighbor kid to mow the lawn, you will feel better about your home and maybe even start a chain reaction of upkeep in your neighborhood!




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