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Borrow our tools to help wash, paint your house

Can you believe we’re already to June? That means Father’s Day, graduation gatherings and other summer celebrations are just around the corner!

Because summer is always shorter than we think, we suggest you put the work in now to care for your home to have it look its best all summer. This is also the month to assess the impact of winter’s inclement weather and address any issues.

Earlier this spring, we talked about various spring cleanup ideas but we have more to say about other chores you ought to do to get your home ready for the summer! So, here we go!

Assess winter’s wear

During the coldest days of winter, you may have temporarily closed off the foundation vents to protect your pipes from freezing. If you haven’t done so yet, open them back up! That will enable the vents to remove moisture from the underside of your home.

The seasonal cold, rain and wind of winter, along with the associated mold and mildew, can take their toll on your home. So, take one of these June days to find and assess any damaged exterior parts of your house. Make a list of things you can repair and another that a contractor needs to fix. Maybe you just need an exterior cleaning or paint job.

Homes in this climate need to be repainted about every four to seven years depending on the type of paint used, the quality of the prep work, the type and condition of your siding and trim, and how close you live to the salt water, among other things.

We recommend annually treating the whole house with 30 Second cleaner from a garden-type pump sprayer, a light scrubbing with soft brush on a pole and a good hose rinse. Be sure to follow directions! This annual project is usually fairly fast and can greatly increase the time between paint jobs. It will make any painted or vinyl-sided house look bright and improves the look of your neighborhood in a hurry.

By the way, NeighborWorks has paint prep tools, long-handle cleaning brushes and pump sprayers to loan from a generous grant gifted by our local COSMO Mill in Cosmopolis. Call us at (360) 533-7828 to make arrangements to borrow our tools. Your house – and your neighbors – will thank you!

Paint is more than pretty

Remember that paint isn’t just an aesthetic touch to your house, it is its “raincoat” against the elements and proper upkeep will prolong the life of your home.

While you’re examining the paint job, it’s a good time to take a look at the windows. If they’re cracked or broken, put them at the top of your “To Do” list.

Did the winter storms loosen or chip away at the caulking or window glazing? If so, now’s the time to make those repairs to weatherproof your home.

If the winds and rains played havoc on your roof, it’s time to determine just how bad the damage is. You will either need to spend a bit of your weekend up there hammer in hand or make a timely call to a roofing professional. Think safety first. We have ladder standoffs to loan from our COSMO tool box, too. (Due to liability issues, ladders are not available to borrow.)

And hey, while you’re up there, you might as well clean the leaves, needles and gunk out those gutters (hopefully, for the last time for the season).

Ladder Standoffs key tool

Whether you borrow our ladder standoff, your neighbor’s or buy one of your own, for safety’s sake, it’s essential you use one! It’s worth the time and trouble to make sure the ladder’s legs are on firm ground and secure.

The standoff at the top of the ladder prevents sideways slipping, the greatest cause of injury. We have more to share on ladder safety, which can be found in a video on our Facebook page.

Siding, painting, roofing loans

That reminds us: We at NeighborWorks of Grays Harbor now can offer 3-percent loans to income-qualified homeowners for siding, painting and roofing needs.

If you are income-qualified and live in the house (owner-occupied), these loans might just be the ticket for you to get a jump on giving your home a facelift this summer.

The 3 percent loans are for up to 15 years and can help you replace your siding, including a new paint job and/or replacement of your roof. The maximum loan amount is $25,000.

Call our housing counselor, Julie, at (360) 533-7828 for an appointment to get started.

Let the Spring air in!

When it comes to inside chores, as you do a deeper clean – move furniture, knock down spider webs, sweep behind appliances, you should also make sure to honor the spring tradition of literally airing out your house.

Of course, pick your day with wisdom then open up the windows and doors!

There really is something to this time-honored tradition. For one thing, by letting some fresh air in, you’ll also allow some of the trapped moisture to escape, leaving your house smelling as fresh as, well, spring.


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